Unhealthy lifestyles—particularly physical inactivity and poor nutrition—threaten to jeopardize the physical and economic health of citizens in every state, as well as the future of our nation’s healthcare system. To reverse these disturbing trends, the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) has launched the Healthy America program, and governors are increasingly taking action to promote healthier lifestyles in our workplaces, schools and communities.

There are a number of programs and policy options that states can use to help promote healthy choices, increase physical activity, and improve nutrition. Some concerns can be addressed by educating the public, by providing healthy alternatives, by funding incentives that encourage healthy behavior, or by changing state policies on nutrition and health. But what is the right approach for a particular state?

To help answer that question, the NGA Center has developed this Shaping a Healthy America Decision-Making Guide. The buttons above are linked to pages with information on the scope of the problems associated with unhealthy lifestyles, the scientific principles associated with tackling these problems, and lists of programs and policies being carried out across the country. Through an interactive feature, these lists can be narrowed to match a state’s desired strategies and results.